Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are answers to the common questions we are asked.

What is the difference in the Standard hankie and the luxury hankies?

The main difference is the quality of the fabric. Standard cotton hankies have a brushed slightly fluffy texture and the luxury hankies are made from a smoother grade of cotton.

The luxury cotton hankies have a very tidy hem finish.

What size are the initials?

The initials are a height of approx. 12mm, depending on the font selected. Those fonts with a flourish will appear larger.

How are the initials placed?

The embroidery is placed across the corner of the hankie. Using the Text Set up box you have the option of a diagonal or straight line arrangement for the initials.
Please choose your initials carefully as some fonts with a flourish are best set up diagonal- where one initial sits below the other.